About us

Agata Bachorz
Research interests
Sociology and anthropology of tourism and spatial mobility. Views of Russia, Polish-Russian relations. Post-colonial theoretical approaches.

Leslaw Michalowski 
Research interests
Urban studies, cultural studies, visual sociology. Gdansk and Pomerania region as sociocultural spaces in Northern Poland.

Michal Kaczmarczyk
Research interests
Sociological theory. Theory of property, civil disobedience, sociology of law. Sociology of dialogue.

Cezary Obracht-Prondzynski
Research interests
Kashubia, Pomerania, local democracy, history of the region, social antrophology, sociology of ethnicity
Piotr Pawliszak
Research interests
Discourse analysis, social movements, GMO discourse
Bogna Dowgiallo
Research interests
Sociology of personal life (intimate relations, everyday practices, emotions, life stories). Logotherapy of Victor Frankl. Qualitative sociology (theory and methods) 

Dorota Rancew-Sikora
Research interests
Conversation and discourse analysis. Environmental discourses and conflicts. Contemporary sociological theory. Qualitative research methods.
Krzysztof Stachura 
Research interests 
Sociology of the Internet, anthropology of new technologies, methodology of online research, sociology of personal life, social participation.

Karolina Ciechorska-Kulesza
Research interests
Sociology of region and communities, third sector, local elites, civil media, identity and social space of North Poland.  

Magdalena Żadkowska 
Research interests 
Gender studies, sociology of everyday life, sociology of family. Sociology of couple and intimate relations, work life balance, diversity management.

Radek Kossakowski
Research interests
Sociology of sport, football as a global pheomenon, supporting cultures. The Western reception of buddhism. 

Arek Peisert
Research interests
Civil society participation. Modernization processes in XIX-XXI centuries. The civilizing processes in Norbert Elias' theory. Regional differentiation.

Anna Horolets
Research interests
Anthropology and sociology of travel and migration. Leisure and tourism studies. Discourse analysis. European identity.

Paweł Łuczeczko                                              

Research interests
Anthropology at home, history of Polish sociology, relationship between sociology and anthropological sciences.

Ela Kolasińska
Research interests
Economic sociology, sociology of work, sociology of organizations, social capital, human capital

Wojciech Zieliński
…I am not a philosopher for philosophers, because of my sociology, and  I'm not a sociologist for sociologists, because of my philosophy…

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